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Please note, the Ask a Lawyer Service will be attended to on an infrequent bases from 1 December 2017 to about 10 January 2018 due to our panel lawyers taking a well deserved break. So it may be that your question will take a longer time to receive a response. Normal response time is within 24 hours, but not during this holiday break. Please do not use this service if your matter is urgent during this time.

You can now consult directly, one on one, with a qualified lawyer, who will assist you with an expert answer to your question, right here on our website.


  • Not paying a massive consultation fee just to give you a qualified legal opinion and legal advise about your legal question.
  • We have on our platform here participating qualified lawyers who specialize in many fields to provide you with the best possible advise money can buy, for a small fee of only R 180.00, where an appointment with a lawyer to hear the same answer may cost you easily R 2000.00.
  • Your question and answer session remains private, no one else can access it except you and the Administrator¬†and lawyers on this website, giving you the required privacy from unwanted eyes. So this remains the best option if you need to stay anonymous on our FB group.


  • To start your session, you click on the “Pay Now” button at the bottom of this page. You will be re-directed to our payment gateway, PayFast, where you have a secure server (https) to complete your payment. We accept as payment methods, Instant EFT, Credit and Debit cards, processed by PayFast in real time. Once your payment was successful, you will be automatically be re-directed back to this site where you can register your question online.
  • A Lawyer will then receive a notice of your question, log in, and provide you with a qualified answer. You will receive an email notice as soon as this happened, with a link to your online profile, where you can read the lawyer’s reply to your question. From there you can ask a clarifying question if there was something you do not understand in the lawyer’s answer, or just say thank you, or organise further assistance should you require a lawyer to take on your case perhaps. You are allowed two clarification questions in your session.
  • By completion of your session, the lawyer will mark your question as “resolved”
  • It is very important to supply your correct email address where it is required, for you to receive notifications from this site and the PayFast site.

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