Experts on LTSA

Our Experts are all people who are willing to offer their services on the group, by sharing their expertise for the benefit of members, without charge. Obviously not all issues can be addressed in public, either because of confidentiality, or because actual legal (or other) assistance is necessary. In such cases, the Group’s Admins are authorised to refer members to accredited experts for assistance off the group itself, by tagging them on the post concerned. Once accredited, the Experts themselves are also authorised to offer their assistance, in cases where off-page contact is justified, with the proviso that they make it absolutely clear that they do have Admin’s permission, so that there is no confusion about their status. Normally, they would tag one (or more) Admins, who will then confirm permission, as a formality.

If you are an expert, please download the steps to get accredited, by clicking HERE

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