Tracing Services

We can do tracing of missing persons for you, including any of the following services, at a minimal fee for each below mentioned item, please contact with what you want to be done, and obtain the fee for it.

South African Home Affairs ID Number Verification.: Registered Names, Date of Birth, Age, Gender, Citizenship, Deceased Status

Home Affairs Verified Marital Status Search: Registered Names, Surname, Date of Birth, Gender,Marital Status. Spouse’s ID Number. Spouse’s Firstname and Surname.

Drivers license validation and ID number Verification: Photo Identification. Drivers License validation. Home Affairs ID Verification.

Department of Transport Verified Report: verify any Learners, Drivers or Professional Drivers License against their database and provide you with a verification report.

Deeds Search Property Verification: Person Search. Company Search. Bond Acc Search. Title Deed Search. ERF No Search.

Tracing: Providing Registered Names, Home affairs Verified, Citizenship. Last know 5 Addresses. Last know 5 Contacts. Last know 5 Employers. All Deeds Information. All Directorship Information.

What is my Credit Score: It is a summary of both positive and negative factors that predicts how likely you are to honour your future credit agreements.

Real time┬áBank Account Verifications: verify the following information for you – Consumer/Business Name on account. Bank Name. Account Number. Account Type. ID Number Match. Accepts Debit/Credits.

Business Cashflow Check: – Bank Code Services: Before extending credit to any businesses, request a Bank code update. Risk Indicator Credit Worthiness.

Company information from SARS: verify the VAT number of a given Company or to obtain the correct VAT number given to a company by SARS. Registered Company Names. Trading Names. Company Registration number. Company VAT Number.

CIPC Company Search Report: All Company Details. Company Directors. Company Auditors.
Company Risk Analysis: All Company Details. Company Directors. Company Directors CPA Info. Company Auditors. Company Credit Data. Linked Directors Companies. Company Properties. Company Loans/Bonds. Judgements. Notices. Deeds Information. Unique Company Credit Score.

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