Are you a victim of Bank and Sim Card swop Fraud?

We all know the story. Your bank accounts are drawn out empty overnight, and sometimes in a matter of minutes, by very well connected criminals who obtain access to your banking and phone details. Their method is simple, all they do, is carry out a sim-card swop, of which you are unaware, access your bank account, open new beneficiaries and start paying your money to those beneficiaries, all in a matter of a few minutes. By the time, you realise that your phone is no longer receiving notifications anymore, it is too late, and your money is gone!

Anyone can be a victim, however, if your bank is ABSA and your phone runs on a VODACOM sim-card, your chances are 8 times higher to fall prey to this fraud.  Interesting to note, that both these companies have RED in their branding. RED also means, be aware!

Johan Victor

Attorney Johan Victor, of Johan Victor Attorneys in the Western Cape, has decided to take on the banks, and is planning a massive group action law suit against the banks and cell phone service providers who allow this to happen, of which ABSA and VODACOM are the biggest culprits.

The simple questions Johan Victor asked ABSA last year, can be summarised as follows:

1. How many cases, over the last 5 (five) years, have been reported by customers claiming that money was transferred without the client’s authorisation from their online banking accounts?

2. What was the total amount of money for all customers stolen in these cases?

3. In how many cases was the money stolen by unauthorised transfers to accounts at the same (your) bank?

4. In how many cases was the money stolen by unauthorised transfers to account at another bank?

5. In 3 above, were these accounts properly registered according to the FICA rules?

6. In 3 above, in how many cases was the owner of the account which received the unauthorised transfer contacted?

7. How many of the cases mentioned in 1 above involved an illegal Sim-swop done on the customer’s phone?

8. In how many of the cases in 7 above, did the bank (your bank) investigate the problem together with the relevant telecommunications company?

9. In how many of the cases in 7 above were unauthorised actions identified within the telecommunications company?

10. In how many instances mentioned in 1 above, was it discovered that the problem was internal to the company?

11. In how many of the cases mentioned in 1 above was it determined that employees of the company were involved in performing the unauthorised action?

12. In how many cases mentioned in 3 above were actions taken against the employees?

13. In how many cases in 12 above was the employee/s (a.) Fired (b.) Disciplined?

You see, 13 simple and easy questions that can be answered very easily, unless the bank has something to hide. On 17 November 2016, a legal officer at ABSA, Thabo Molano, responded to Johan Victor “The Bank is unable to, and in any event is not obliged to respond thereto”

If you are a victim of these fraudulent actions where money was withdrawn from your account by way of sim-card swop and unauthorised access to your bank account, you may contact the above mentioned firm, by completing the form below in order to become a part of the group action suit against the bank/s and the cell phone service provider/s that allows this to happen. Don’t be a victim anymore!

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