Your Rights at a road block and unpaid traffic fines.

When you get pulled over at the roadblock, and it is alleged that you have outstanding or unpaid fines, the police have the right to detain you only if they can show you a legitimate warrant of arrest or a valid copy of such a warrant. If the police cannot show you a legitimate warrant or copy, you have the right not to be arrested. If the police persist with the arrest without a warrant, you have the right to immediately call your lawyer and this you should do without hesitation. Always keep your attorney’s phone number handy where ever you travel. If the police ask you to pay outstanding fine(s) and you do not have the money available, you might be detained until the fines are paid, if a warrant was issued. In these circumstances it’s best to contact your attorney. We suggest that you keep the receipts of paid fines in your car, so that you can immediately produce proof should a dispute arise about nonpayment of fines and your possible arrest. Remember, there must be a warrant issued.

Note that under no circumstances must you attempt to illicit a bribe, or you must immediately distance yourself from any suggested bribe. The consequences of bribing a police officer, or attempting to do so, far outweigh those of the fine itself. This act of bribery amounts to attempting to defeat the ends of justice, which holds a separate legal sanction and for which you can be prosecuted. Practically speaking, by paying a bribe, you are just perpetuating a demand for corruption.